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I get this.

  A to the Men on this one. Especially the pressing mute to the demands from everyone else. I go for a run, clear my head and make space for those that are most important and need me most. I am a better wife and mom because of it. What do you do to clear […]

For the love…

Late Valentines edition of what I am loving these days… A warm cup of lemon and honey water before my cup of morning coffee. Pinterest says it’s detoxing me, not sure if this is true but I like to think it is. My new running shoes, Asics 2000. Love them. Working at a running store […]

For Gram.

In 3 days I will be running the Chicago Marathon! I am so ready to do this race! As you probably know throughout my training I have been raising money for Team World Vision. It’s a special organization with an amazing cause. (I still have $400 to reach my goal of $1310 if you want […]


Training. It’s hard. No way around it. Whether it’s your 1st or 4th marathon it’s hard. This is my 4th marathon so I knew what I was getting into. Not sure if that is a positive or negative. But it doesn’t change the fact that training is hard. I am in the thick of training. […]

When Chaos Abounds.

Piles of stuff fill our house. Piles for a possible moving sale if I really get my action together, piles for Goodwill, piles to pack and piles for this person and that person that I’ve been meaning to give them like 7 months ago. There are boxes stacking higher as the days go by and […]

The Haps.

The Haps aka The Happenings of the Barela Family In no specific order of importance just how they popped into my head. We are T-minus 2The ¬†days and counting (loudly) days left in school. Mason is SO excited to be done! Our prayer for the last several weeks before he runs to the bus is […]

To Walk or Stay.

  What are some qualities I like in a friend? Well, let me tell you: someone who is honest, vulnerable, real and has a little spunk. You know someone has a little pep in their step.¬† I found these qualities in my friend Lara. For awhile she was just my online friend but even through […]

One step.

Source: via Terrie on Pinterest   Last week I introduced a dream of mine in this post about how I would like to start a fitness group of some sort where I can encourage moms to set an exercise goal of and motivate them along way until they reach achievement. I was blown away […]

5 on friday.

1. Fall is here. Cooler weather. Sweatshirts. Warm blankets and LEAVES! We live in a forrest you could say with huge trees all around that dump and I mean dump piles and piles of leaves all over our yard. Hours upon hours will be spent raking these leaves in the weeks to come but for […]