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Summer Milestones

We’ve been away from home for a month and a half now but I feel so much has changed with the kids! I don’t know maybe there’s something in the water or the salt in the air but our kiddos seem to be in fast forward here.  Here’s a mental list I’ve been keeping that […]

A legacy

I’ve been thinking a lot about the legacy of Ocean City summer project, which is where we are spending our summer as a family, and how awesome it is. It’s hard to really get it if you haven’t experienced it yourself but I want to do my best to explain it so you all further […]

Prayers answered.

I have the greatest news to share! On Monday evening in the midst of eating dinner with 100+ loud, crazy college students our little boy asked Jesus into his heart! The little mister is now a Christian and is so proud of it! This is how it played out: Last Sunday he brought home a […]

What’s going on?

Hi friends! I am typing this from my iPhone. Brian has been out of town the past 2 days and took the computer with him. This why there hasn’t been recent posts. And also we are learning how to share 1 computer:) Not any easy thing. But we have all summer to practice it! Update: […]

Making new friends

Jenny and Rachel are students at the summer project. They came a week early to watch the kids while we were doing staff orientation. We had the privilege of having them live with us this past week so we have gotten to know them well. They have been the biggest blessing in every way. Here […]

A new routine…kinda hard.

We are slowly figuring out what life looks like for our family here in Ocean City. We are trying to keep some consistency to our normal lives and schedules but inevitably there are always changes. I’ve realized our kids are hesitant to change like their parents are. New people, new places, new food, new bed, […]