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Almost over…but so much more.

We’ve been in Ocean City for almost 6 weeks now. We will be leaving 2 weeks from Friday for part 2 of our summer- Ohio “vacation”. I am starting to get the itch to move on to the next weeks but my favorite things are still yet to come! This week is my favorite theme titled “all for one”. It’s all about teaching the students the importance of community, the body of Christ and being all the most important ONE. There are have been fun team building exercises causing them to rely on each other, mens and womens dinners and the week ends in a staff vs. students softball game.

***Side note on the womens dinner on Monday night. We had a great, fun evening planned for the girls which ended in a dance party. I take some pride in knowing the latest music out there. This is mostly due to the fact that my husband fills me in on what’s being played and I generally like most of it. Well at the dance party there were a couple songs all of the girl were singing word for word, even knowing the dance moves and I just stood there not having ever heard the song in my life! I felt old. I felt slightly out of touch. Weird.***

Also in the coming weeks we have a week focusing on World Vision. From my experience as a student this was the week I put it all together that there are countless others that do not know Jesus and how BIG the need is to GO! The last week is all about loving others, loving HIM and accepting His love for us. It’s a great week to end on!

Can’t wait to tell you more>

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