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Our preschool sure is fun!

We are very blessed and thankful for the the preschool situation that we have worked out for our family. We get to do it some great friends, it’s fun, relaxed and hey can you believe it the kids are even learning something!

There are 4 families involved with 4 eager and energetic 4 year olds ready to go! And don’t forget about the 6 other siblings (all girls) that are a part of our time in one way or another. There is one older sister and 5 younger sisters that like to get their hands in the mix as well. Mondays is school day for us for about 2 hours. We rotate who hosts and teaches preschool while the other moms help out. We have been working our way through the alphabet, a letter a week. Today was letter “V” so we are moving right along. Also, we have chosen a variety of fun topics to teach the kids like: ocean, safety, harvest, 5 senses, space, health & nutrition, feelings and manners and farm. Right now we are talking about Easter and planning a fun Easter dinner when the dads will join us.

I have enjoyed doing home school preschool more than I thought I would. I like the planning part and thinking of creative ways to teach new concepts to the kids. I like to be on this adventure with my friends. It’s not just Mason that is having fun but me too. I like to watch Mason learn. I like to see him get excited when learns something new for the first time and help him when he is challenged. And bonus, my girls think they are in school too and love it!

It’s been a great experience for our whole family and yes, one more thing we will miss when we move. Here are some pics from today’s preschool.

Starting off with circle time

Learning the Easter story through a cooking project

Matching letters to the sounds they make

Playing a math game out in the sunshine

The little girls are keeping busy too!

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  1. christina says

    This is amazing! way to organize and pull together resources and friends. I know you will miss it.

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