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A Big Surprise Revealed!

I have been waiting to blog about this for awhile but because it was a surprise and certain people read my blog I could not disclose any information. But now that the surprise is over and was a big hit I can tell you all about how my dad and I pulled off a very big surprise! It’s been in the works for about a month or so and all credit goes to my dad, his idea and he paid for it! Yeah, he really gets all the credit! This past weekend I flew to Ohio where I am from to surprise my mom and brother and his family. It just wasn’t any old weekend but a special, BIG weekend for my brother. First let me tell you I come from a wrestling family. My dad was a wrestler and coach, my brother was a wrestler and now the coach of the high school we both graduated from. A lot of people don’t get the sport, and that’s is ok with me, but I really think it’s because they just don’t know about it. Anyways back to they surprise…my brother, Brent’s team is very good and were predicted to win the state title. This past weekend was the state tournament so my dad offered to fly me in for the weekend to see the tournament and to surprise my family. It took me about 2.2 seconds to decide YES! It was great! My mom cried of course when she saw me. She had no idea. When Brent saw me he gave me a huge smile. This is big for “the man of little words or little emotion”. I got to see ALOT of wrestling, be with my mom and dad, see my grandpa, uncle and cousin, hang out with my sister-in-law and new little one on the way, tickle and play with my adorable nephews, yell and cheer for the PHS panthers, eat lots of good (not good for me!) food and watch my brother coach and encourage and his wrestlers. He is a great coach (which I already knew) and as I witnessed from being at the tournament, respected by many other coaches, parents and wrestlers. The tournament did not end as we had hoped but they still walked away proudly with the second place trophy, only missing the 1st place spot by 20 points. Which isn’t that much in wrestling. I was so thankful to be a part of a special weekend for my family.
Now you may be wondering who was with MY family while I was across the country? Good question. Brian did a wonderful job manning the fort while I was gone and also hosted his parents for the weekend. He ventured out of the house for the first time alone with all 3, taking them to Barnes and Nobles to play and read and then to Costco to play the “How many samples can we get” game. He did wonderful! I am so proud of him and the confident father he has become. The kids did amazingly well, ate good, played good, slept good! Can’t ask for more than that. They all had a great time seeing Grandma and Grandpa too! Lots of extra lovin’ for our kiddos is always nice:)
I came home to a clean house and smiling kids who tackled me when they saw me. LOVE IT!
Thanks Brian for being the amazing husband and father that you are and thanks Dad for making it all possible. It was so fun to be sneaky with you!
***more pics to come when I download them***
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  1. Bethany Stanko says

    This post blessed me so much! What a wonderful surprise! I can’t even imagaine watching Brent. So glad it was able to all come together for you. Love ya!

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