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which path?

Wetlands Path 2

He will never lead you into a place that will not work toward accomplishing His purposes for you.

I read this in my quiet time this morning. It jumped off the page and has stuck with me all day. I’ve been asking myself these questions in light of what I read.

~Am I letting Him lead me? Or am I attempting to lead myself and or let someone or something else lead me?

~If I am letting him do the leading,  are His purposes at work or am I still trying to accomplish own agenda?

~Do I trust that His purposes for me are good and best for me?

Oh how I would like to say yes to all of these. There are times I can say yes. Moments throughout the day, or even a whole day. But day in day out on a consistent? Not so much.

I question His presence. Why is He is so quiet?

I doubt His plan. Is it really better than mine?

I question if He knows my heart. Really does he have my best interests at heart?

I question His path? Is this really the best way?

I was reminded the other day of Isaiah 43.

Do not fear for the Lord is with me. The waves will not overcome me. The waves will not burn me.

This passage gives me assurance that…

He is here.

He won’t leave me.

His plan is best, even when I sometimes don’t see it in the midst of it.

And yes, His purposes for me are far better than anything I can come up with on my own.

So I will choose His path. And by His grace when I get off track and on my own path, He will bring me back.

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