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5 on friday

1.This week the kids were able to spend significant time with my grandparents, their great grandparents. All of my grandparents were a significant part of my life growing up so I am thankful that my kids get to be with them as well. I have such sweet memories with each of them, it is fun to watch the kids create their own memories. I believe there are many valuable lessons to gain spending time with older people. Praying our kids remember these sweet times.

“Big Pa” explaining roman numerals to Mase.

2. It seems like the leaves were just changing colors and now they have all fallen and the trees are bare. I am sad to see all the colors go but enjoying them while they are scattered all over the ground is fun too!

3. I am signed up to do a 10 mile trail run in a couple weeks with my brother. I am excited to be doing a race because I’ve been trying to do one all summer and it just hasn’t worked out. I love trail running. I am just hoping I’m not running through snow! It’s definitely a possibility so we’ll see! I love the logo. The race is at Salt Fork State park. Get it? Salt.Fork. ha ha! I’m easily amused:)

4. I love Fridays because it’s the end of the week and we start to slow down for the weekend. Monday-Thursday we are up and at them early. Breakfast, dressed, chores, school, bible study, library, errands all happen first thing. The show is on the road, there is much to be accomplished. But come Friday the kids still get up early but jammies stay on a little longer as well as the TV. Toys are scattered everywhere, the school books stay closed and we just linger longer. It is nice. A great way to start the weekend.

5. I’ve been doing some brain storming this week for Christmas ideas. You know I see things all year that make me think “this would be a good idea to give my mom for Christmas for me” and then this time rolls around each year and I can’t remember a thing! So I’ve been searching. I hit the jackpot in the Anthropologie kitchen section! Oh my heart is happy looking at all these pretty little things. Adorable tea towels, unique measuring spoons and cups, a utensil holder, magnets, spice jars, a magnetic timer and much much more. So if you are looking for ideas for yourself or others this is a great place to start!

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