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When Daddy’s gone

Brian’s travels have increased this past year with his new job responsibilities. They are usually quick trips but there have been frequent comings and goings. With Brian being out of the house more it has made me more thankful that I have a husband to do life with, an adult to talk with at the end of the day, someone to help me not go crazy at the end of the day and a father that adores our children. Doing it alone is hard. And it’s already hard with the two of us! I know him traveling frequently is a season and I love what he is getting to do. But in the process of him traveling more I am getting used to him being gone and I have noticed some things that are different when Daddy is gone…

  • I stay up way too late watching TV or doing whatever, which makes the next point so much harder to accomplish!
  • My quiet time in the morning is EVEN more important. I need all the strength and peace I can get!
  • We eat more eggs, especially for dinner. Daddy’s not a big fan.
  • If I get a chance to get away without the kids, the first I do is run. Forget the errands I need to do, I NEED to run!
  • We are more busy, doing whatever, just being out of the house making time go faster.
  • Mason is WAY more aggressive with me and the girls because he doesn’t have Daddy to wrestle with. I try to play the part but it’s just not the same.
  • I often organize, rearrange and clean out things.
  • Mac-n-cheese and cereal for dinners are acceptable dinners.
  • Mason does become the “Man of the House”. He’s more protective of the girls and is a great helper to me.
  • Weekends are hard. I do better once the weeks starts.
  • I often have a sleeping partner in bed with me that I’m not quick to return to his own bed. He’s a great snuggler.
  • I get more random projects done at night.
  • The girls wake up more at night.
  • The bed doesn’t get made some mornings. Brian always done this for us.
  • We all get a little crazy!
  • silly lego bin

No matter how long or how short the trip we are ALWAYS anxiously awaiting Daddy’s return home! We function fine when he’s gone but way much better when we are a team of five and we have our leader.

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I'm a wife to 1 amazing husband. A mom to 1 little dude and 2 girlie girls. A follower of the ONE who saved me. A daughter to 2 wonderful people. A sister to 1. A friend to many. A runner because that's what I do to keep from not going crazy. And the CEO of this little part of the world we call home.

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