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Saturdays-Barela style

Picnik collage
Saturdays in Chico are the best. Well at least how we go about them. After enjoying a slow start, an extended time in our jammies and our fill of cartoons we get dressed and head downtown. Our first stop is the Farmers Market that goes on every Saturday rain or shine. We fill our bags with local produce and take in the always interesting sights and attendees of the local market. Gnawing on apples is a favorite treat of the kids and passes the time while we look around.
Our usual next stop is the Peets coffee and then one of the local bakeries. We are all big fans of the blueberry cream cheese danish from Upper Crust. Love it! Sometimes we hit up one of the bike shops, the toy store to browse and play with cool toys that we never buy and Powells Candy Shoppe. The owners of the candy store know the kids by name. We met them when I was pregnant with the girls. Now all 3 kids walk in like the own the place. It’s amazing but we walk out of there with only a sucker for each kid and some melt away mints for Mom and Dad.

What I love most about Saturday is that it is routine, it’s familiar and known. It’s mellow and fun. It’s quality time spent together and we ALL enjoy it. We will miss our Chico Saturdays but look forward to creating new Saturdays in Indy…whatever that may look like.
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