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Part 3.

Well tomorrow morning Brian and I will be leaving for part 3 of our summer journey–Ft. Collins, CO for our staff conference that happens every other year. We will be gone for 10 days total…with out the kids. Pa & Grandma (my parents) will be taking on the task of watching the kids while we are gone. As I am sitting here writing this I have mixed emotions about leaving. Excited because it will be a nice break for us, good down time as parents, fun to plan activities with friends without having to worrying about bedtimes and bring enough snacks, diapers etc. and just good for Bri and I to have some alone time. BUT… I’m sad to leave my babies! The longest I’ve left them before is a weekend so this is quite longer. I know they are in great hands and they will be fine and soon enough I will be back filling up sippy cups and picking up toys. Still my heart is aching just a bit.

When we return we will be back for just 1 day and then all of will jump on the plane to head back home to Chico! So get ready Chicoians the countdown has started! You better get on that planning for are home coming party!

Here are a couple pics from today.

Playing in the rain

Baking cookies

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