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Making the quote board

Recently Mason has had some quotes that would definitely make the quote board if I had one. We don’t so I will post them here.

Mason’s birthday list:

  • zebra
  • to be able to speak Spanish
  • a new voice…to be speak Spanish with of course!
  • a Star Wars back pack

ummm I might be able to get 1 of those

We were talking about going to the dentist and how excited he was to go:

“Mom, Dr. Roos is the best Dr. Roos ever!”

Mason is a big fan of ketchup (it runs in the family). He was done eating his burger but he insisted he needed more ketchup. We asked him what for:

“Well for my tomatoes of course!” Yes he dipped his cherry tomatoes into a big pile of ketchup.

Playing t-ball in the street with Brian, Brian was hitting and Mase was in the “outfield”. Brian made a good hit.

“Daddy!  THAT…WAS…AWESOME! I have to give you a high five!” As he runs to high five Brian. Such a little encourager!

Getting ready to bake cookies, which we never ended up doing because I realized I had no eggs or brown sugar. Kinda important. Anyways…

“Mom we have to get our apricots on.” (Translation= aprons)

And this one out of no where.

“Mom I remember when I was just a baby in your belly and I could see your gibs.” (Translation=ribs)

Me: “Oh, really.”

“Yes, and I also remember when you were just a baby and I was 39 years old.”

Me: “You remember when you were 39 years old?”

“Yep, I turned 39 on the 7th.”

Me: Speechless.

Oh our little dude makes us laugh quite often.

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  1. Kyra says

    how in the world does he think of these things?! I LOVE it. :) can’t believe his birthday is right around the corner.

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