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crafty nook.

Does your house look like mine? New crafts being made daily and hung everywhere? Yes, it can get a bit overwhelming at times but for the most part I love that our kids love to create. I have a little “crafty nook” that is easily accessible to little hands so that anytime they can get […]


Look what happened while I was gone! He lost a tooth! Could he possibly be any cuter? The funny thing was that he lost his “lost” tooth. From the moment I walked in the door after returning from my California trip (which was awesome by the way!) we were looking for Mason’s tooth. Sadly, we […]

have you ever…

have you ever… felt overwhelmed by life? felt amazed how fast the weekends go and then it’s actually Monday again? experienced how fast the weeks go, that you just aren’t quite ready for a new one start? just wanted to forget the to do list, the cleaning list, the long list of emails and phone […]

girls masterpieces.

i did a fun project with the girls on sunday that i am using to decorate our new house with. i bought some canvases at hobby lobby (new favorite craft store), cut out letters of sayings that i found and lightly glued them on the canvas. i used a glue stick, just a little because […]

color me happy!

have you ever made your own crayons? oh! it’s so easy and very “green” if I do say so myself. you use your old crayons that have been broken and peeled. or is that just my kids that do that? anyways. break the crayons into 1/2 inch pieces, spray a small muffin tin lightly with […]

a halloween story.

Once there was a Clone Trooper and 2 princesses who were on a mission to fill their buckets with as much candy as they could hold by using The Force and their magic princess powers… and because they were unbelievably cute they had 2 bodyguards dressed up as their mom and dad to protect them […]

potty talk.

this week i am attempting to tackle 2 big things and it all revolves the bathroom…and me spending less time in it! teaching mason to wipe. we decided in our family when you turn 5 you “get to” wipe yourself.  so mason is in the process of learning that and doing quite nicely. teaching the […]


On Friday we made strawberry jam from strawberries handpicked by mom that morning. We all had aprons on and we went to town mashing them. That was definitely the kids favorite part…that and eating what they were smashing. The recipe was super easy. Just add a packet of pectin and some a lot of sugar […]

5 on Friday

1. This week I made some cute skirts out of jeans I got from the thrift store. It took me all of 30 min to make 2 skirts and they are adorable. My girls are in a “all jean” phase. So I’m trying to get a little crazy on them and get them to wear […]

we’re baaaack!

Wow! What a whirlwind of a trip we had in SoCal last week! We went from one thing to the next, traveled ALOT of miles, saw lots of people, did many fun things and I am happy to report we had a great, refreshing time! The kids were troopers with all the transitions of activities […]