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Lessons from a seven year old.

End of the game didn't go so well. Broken wrist. Such a tough guy.

We had a first this weekend. A trip to the ER with Mason. Honestly, I can’t believe we made it seven years! He’s quite the hustler on the basketball court and this time going up to block a shot resulted in a broken wrist. Ugh. It was one of those moments as mom you just know by the cry that this time it’s something more. My usual “It’s ok, get up! You’re ok!” was not going to cut it this time.

As we drove to ER and I sat in the backseat helping him hold his wrist and trying to console him he managed to share some profound words between his cries of pain.

He said, “Mom, God knew this was going to happen today. So it must be ok.”

Hello, childlike faith.

I know this. I do. In my heart of hearts I believe in God’s sovereignty, in His perfect timing, in His infinite wisdom.
But there are times when the plan gets a little unclear, when the time of waiting for answers is stretched way beyond what I think I can endure, when I am pushed to the edge a little more closely than I prefer.

And the doubt creeps in ever slowly.

But why? He has proven Himself time and time again. He is never surprised or caught off guard like we may feel at times. He remains in control. We just have to let Him be and follow.

And believe like Mason so clearly said this weekend.
“He knows, so it must be ok.”

So how about you? Are you believing in Him that it will be ok?


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  1. Wow. Send Mason a “thank you” from a friend that needed to hear his words today. And praying for that wrist to heal quickly!

  2. What clear logic and sound theology! Your boy is wiser than most adults!

  3. Sarah says

    What a joy even in the midst of such turmoil. Keep it up little momma – you’re doing a great job!

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