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(in)courage! It’s time to get your sweat on!


Are you looking for a place to join other women and pursue a healthy lifestyle within an encouraging, motivating community? Are you ready to get your sweat on? Well then read on….

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I am partnering with Mary Bonner to lead the Fitness/Healthy Living (in)couragers community group!!  I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful online community! If you are not familiar with (in)courage community groups you can read all about them here.

First, let me tell you a little about me. I’ve been married for 11 years and we have 3 kids. Our son is 7 and we have twin girls who are 5. I have my Masters in exercise physiology so this is something I am passionate about. Like everyone else my life is full of taking care of my family and all the things that come along with that. But I have always felt it is necessary and important for me to carve out a little “me” time.  Exercising is just that- “me” time. It is my stress reliever and the one time during the day when I can just focus on myself. I found that not only do I benefit physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. I am a better wife and mom because of exercising.

My main thing is running. I have done 7-8 1/2 marathons and 3 full marathons. There are many mornings I throw on my running shoes and head out the back door before my eyes are barely open. I also do a strength and conditioning  2x week.  And if I am getting real crazy I will do a swim workout or a spin class. I love challenging myself, setting goals and working hard to accomplish them. I am excited to help others do the same!  I am so looking forward to this group and not only encouraging the members, but being open to what the Lord wants to say to all of us about our lifestyle and how we honor the temple of our body.

Our mission for this group is… 

to encourage and empower women to work toward a healthy lifestyle by eating right and getting some activity.

As a group we will recognize that we are all at different places on our healthy lifestyle journey.

As your leaders we will:

  • do our best to encourage, motivate and give you knowledge, tips and help when we can.  But you are ultimately responsible for doing the work to see results.
  • facilitate conversations within the group but we want everyone to be actively involved in mutually encouraging and helping fellow members. You will only get out of the group as much as you put into the group.

Mary and I will be hosting a private Facebook group.  We will be posting an article, a question…something to encourage all of us and make us think about our healthy living journey.  And remember – healthy living is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION.

If you are interested in this group, e-mail me at aubsbarela@gmail.com or Mary at mbonner1021@yahoo.com. Please put (in)courage group in the subject line. Or click here and go right to the facebook group we have created. Or the find a friend at incourage.me

We are so excited to meet you!

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I'm a wife to 1 amazing husband. A mom to 1 little dude and 2 girlie girls. A follower of the ONE who saved me. A daughter to 2 wonderful people. A sister to 1. A friend to many. A runner because that's what I do to keep from not going crazy. And the CEO of this little part of the world we call home.


  1. Excited for what’s in store for you Aubrey!
    Looking forward to hear your updates about how this group goes and how God is using you for His glory! Keeping you in prayers!


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