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God-sized Dream with God-sized Encouragers


Well hello! Welcome to Tuesday where I give you a little update on my God-sized Dream. Are you wondering what I am talking? Are you thinking to yourself: “What is she dreaming about?” “Who’s team is she on?” “What is she rambling about?”

All good questions.

You can check out this post and this post where I give you the low down on being a part of  Holly Gerth’s God-sized Dream Team. So far it’s been just about great! One of the best parts have been the team of women I am dreaming alongside. These people have got it going and they are not messing around! I have really enjoyed reading about what they are dreaming about, what they are trusting God for and how they are going after it! It makes me want to pursue my dream even more.

I have been encouraged by many, even many of you (thank you thank you) but especially Esther who is paired up with me to be my encourager and then there is Laura who I get to encourage. I also have my in real life friend Jenni who I do life with and checks  in with me about my dream. All these girls are on my side and that feels good. When you are going out on my limb you need to know someone has got your back.

Dreaming is not meant to do alone. Buddy system, friends! Pair up, get that team behind you to keep you going when you want to stop, to pray for you when you feel out of your mind, to give you a high five and maybe even a chest bump when the time is right. I am so thankful to have some friends in my corner. And I am thankful to be encouraging others along way as well.

So here’s your questions:

Who’s on your team of encouragers? Who are YOU encouraging?

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  1. wow.. sounds like you are a great encourager. It is so important and fun to encourage others isn’t it! I really enjoyed reading your blog post!

  2. Thanks Jenn! I do love encouraging others and I like getting it right back:) It just fills me up!

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