5 on friday
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5 on friday.

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This is the 5 on friday the funnies edition.

Here are some cute things the kids have said the last week that have made me laugh. Hope you get a a laugh or two and enjoy your Friday!

1. Theia: Mom do you think Santa wears big read boxers? I think he does because his favorite color is red so I’m sure even his underwear is red.

2. Theia: I think God feels squishy, do you?

3. Mason speaking of his teacher: Mom, she expects me to be perfect everyday and I just can’t do that. I need at least one day off.

4. Me: How long have you been awake?
Kaia: Ummm, we’ve been awake since the time we got up.
Well that clears it up.

5. Mom, do you smell our fartness? (yes, we say fart in our house) I turn around to see both girls waving the their hands toward me. We are pushing our fartness to you because we both farted. Laughing hysterically.

And a bonus because this is too funny not to share.

You know you have no food in the house when one of your 5 year olds says:
Mom what are we doing today besides going to the grocery?

And the other one says:
Did we make it to payday yet?

Happy Friday friends! We are off to the grocery!



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  1. Hahahahahah! “Did we make it to payday yet?” Love it. The exact reason people see me shopping on Thursday nights, really late 😉 And I agree, Mason. Sometimes perfection needs a break! 😉 Man, this was a GREAT 5 on Friday!

  2. i love it! and i Needed that laugh! The girls fartness!! so funny. did you see the pic of micah pointing to the doll’s butt saying “Toot” .. also laughing hysterically! Farts are funny.. whatevs. (to quote you!)

    and please tell Mase, I know exactly how he feels! (LOL)

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