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Down on the farm

At the beginning of the weekend the kids and I got to be a part of our student leadership retreat. We attempted to spend the night in one of the cabins. I laughed at 9pm as I laid there in the cabin listening to all 3 kids talk, jump, sing, yell and kick in the beds for 45 min. Did I really think we could spend the night in an open air cabin all together? Ha ha ha. I packed us up, drove home and came back the next morning for another fun day on the farm! It was well worth the driving back and forth. The kids loved being around all the students, they get so much love and attention. They also loved just running and exploring the grounds, petting the animals, playing in the mud, kayaking (mason), throwing rocks and swinging on the biggest swing ever! I am so thankful we got to be a part of the retreat. It was a blessing for the whole family.

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  1. Brian & Aubrey says

    Yes please. I thought of Brody and his new love of the farm!

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