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apples to apples.

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Today we spent the whole day at home. Sometimes you just need to do that. no place to be, no rushing around. just at home playing. but i have found on these days i still need to plan something for the kids and i to do or we all go crazy at some point. so to day i planned an apple stamping craft. i had grandiose ideas of talking about the start of Fall, apple trees and what we can make out of apples, how apple starts with letter “A”, Mason practicing his letters, writing simple words with the “a” sound. Well that is a nice picture. But really what was I thinking?

Here’s what really happened.

I got the craft all set up outside, went inside to get one more thing and came back out to find the wind had blown the plastic table cloth into the paint and so there was already paint everywhere. Nice. Went back inside to get the kids but first answered the phone to find out my grandpa was on his way over and needed help doing something. So our time would be cut a little short. No big deal. I got the kids, the moment they heard the word ‘paint’ they started going nut-so! I started to explain a little bit about the Fall season and how that is the time to go apple picking but… paint started going every which way so I stopped talking. Theia leaned over her already painted tree and smashed her Minnie Mouse t-shirt into her wet paint. It is then that I realized I didn’t change the kids clothes! Too late. Paint is on all articles clothing within 45 seconds. Kaia is not so much stamping her apples but slamming her apples onto paper.  Bits of apple and paint are splattering. Mason has so much paint on his project that it might dry by the end of the week. There isn’t anything resembling an apple shape on anyone’s paper. Beep! Beep! Oh grandpa’s here, the kids drop their paint brushes and off they go running covered in paint. It was all of 7 minutes and I am left standing there laughing at what I “thought” this time could look like. Ha ha ha! Reality is our friend.

Still had fun though! And tonight when we talked about what our favorite part of the day was all 3 said apple stamping. Success!

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  1. Hilary Bennett says

    Oh this is so funny :) Emma and I are planning on a very similar craft for today. mmmmmmm….perhaps I should rethink our plan for the day :) No, you’re right, it is worth it in the end :)

  2. Jenn Lamb says

    Oh, Aubrey this made me laugh so hard, mainly cause I can relate. thanks for sharing!!

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