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5 things i’m loving about my girls right now…

Just hanging with my girls.
With Mason being in school I have a lot of extra one on two time with the girls. Just in the two weeks of school being in we’ve already shared some really special times together. Here is what I am loving most about them right now.

  1. Their amazing sense of fashion. Well, okay maybe it’s not what I would pick for them to wear. Actually most days I would never put these outfits together. But they are having fun, loving the independence and enjoying exploring their “fashion diva-ness”.
  2. Their sweet, endearing little comments. They are sensitive little girls that share what’s on their hearts with me quiet often.
  3. Their sense of imagination. Whether they are taking care of their many babies, going on summer vacation or talking to their friends on their phones they are busy little girls. With out Mason here they are loving being the ones “in charge” deciding together what game is being played.
  4. They are silly little girls who love to laugh and dance and just have fun. I am having so much fun with them!
  5. I love that they are enjoying their girl time and having mommy all to themselves but as much as they are enjoying it, they are also always eager for their big brother to come home. This makes me smile:)
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