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5 projects on my “do some day list”

Here are 5 projects I would like to do at some point, hopefully in the near future. All found on pinterest.


Love this as a decoration or serving piece.


Definitely doing these! Maybe even in the same colors. Love ’em. Just as simple as styrofoam balls and thumbtacks. Easy peasy.


I always have trouble coming up with something to decorate my front door with, especially at Christmas. I’m not a big wreath person. I love the original use of the frame and the non-traditional Christmas colors. You may see some thing like this on my door this Christmas season.


Yep, love this one too. I have several B’s around the house so this would be a perfect one to add to the collection.


And I saved my favorite for last! This is most awesome and lovely in every way! We’ve always wanted to have more seating at our table by adding a bench. I think this would look great! Love the bright colors and the different chairs that are used. You can be sure I’m on the look out for random dining room chairs to make this happen.

So what have you found on Pinterest, or anywhere else that has caught your eye?

What you dreaming up in your head?

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  1. Amanda says

    I need to come visit so I can look at all the cool things you’ve done. Love these ideas and can’t wait to see your renditions of them! Ps. Thank you’s are coming soon but Travis and I love the question jar. We use it all the time! Thanks!

  2. Yes! come visit! I would love it. Maybe we could do a project together when you come. Happy you like the jar idea. Thinking about doing the same for Brian and I. Always more to learn:)

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