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1. So we’ve had a visitor this week. We’ve been looking forward to our friend Dan coming to stay with us and the anticipation has not left us with any disappointment. We’ve all had a great time hanging out. Dan was a former student when we doing ministry at Chico State. He then interned with our staff team and later joined staff. He’s now joining with a church plant ministry in San Francisco. The kids have LOVED having Dan here. Their have been many conversations about who sits next to Dan in the car or at the table, who gets to have special time with Dan etc. So yes we are all good friends and love to hang out but we know the real reason he came out here to visit. Dan has an intense love obsession for all things Michael Jackson. Which he so proudly has passed on to Mason. This weekend there is a Cirque de Soleil Michael Jackson show in Indy. Dan and Brian are going to the show tonight to live out some sort of MJ dream. I will be contently sewing at home. Sounds good to me. Have fun boys! And thanks Dan for a great visit! We’ll see you when the MJ show returns to Indy. I kid. I kid:)


2. As mentioned above I’m on to phase 2 of the girls’ quilts. All blocks are cut and now I am step by step sewing them together. Last night my friend and partner in this great feat of mine, Karen came over to help. We got a good chunk done. If my sewing machine wasn’t possessed there would have been more done. Oh well, I’m learning lots. Sewing shall continue tonight.

3. Confession time: I have had The Flying Cupcake three times this month. Sinful. Sinful! I tell you. But there’s no shame or regret. I loved every bite of every flavor. What is The Flying Cupcake you ask? It’s my fave bakery in town that makes the most a maz ing cupcakes. Huge, glorious, designer cupcakes! So that’s all. Just had to get it out there. And you know, there are 5 more days (leap year!) in the month, no guarantees there won’t be a 4th visit.


4. I have been implementing some new rules around the Barela household. Do you have the moments where all of the sudden it’s like a light shines on a situation and you think “Why are we doing this right now? And how did we get in this pattern?” We are in season right now of arguing with one another. I say season because I know it will pass too as other irritating seasons have. It seems to be constant and over the silliest things, like who gets to sit in the “best” chair. The best was unknowingly to us labeled the one that has best angle of the TV. Really our dining room and living room is all one rather small room so you have a great angle at the TV no matter what chair you sit in but that point is quickly ignored as I have learned. It doesn’t matter if the TV is on or not, the best chair was still THE coveted chair at every meal and snack time. So what did this smart mama do? I closed the chair. Yep, special chair is closed for an undetermined length of time. Problem solved. Now if you are a guest in our home then you may sit in that chair and enjoy it to its fullest. Dan has been having a great time in special chair this week. And I just have to laugh. When I thought what it would be like to be a mom, making rules about special chairs being closed did not come to mind:)

5. The battery on my laptop died awhile ago so I’ve only been using our desktop. If Brian is home and is not using his cord I will plug my laptop in but that wasn’t happening much. It was working out fine (although I did miss sitting on the couch while on my laptop) until our desktop decide to have some issues. It’s going into the Apple Dr. Sunday. Sad. But good news my awesome husband surprised me my very own cord. Back to sitting on the couch while using my laptop. It’s the little things.

Hey you! Have a great weekend.


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  1. Laughed out loud @ #4. So good! I, too, enjoyed that “special” chair to its fullest last week. Also, let’s get Flying Cupcake during our HollyKarenAubrey lunch. Or rather, how about we just pick some up on our way. Just an idea… happy FridYAY!

  2. can i sit in the special chair when i visit?? i hope so!! addie is beside herself. she is trying to figure out who had what cupcake.. and why you just show the empty wrappers. she wants to know if the kids got them as a special treat after dinner. she is convinced that it’s only for the kids b/c there aren’t enough wrappers for everyone (according to her counting). yes, we talked about your cupcakes for a good 5 min!!

  3. Those cupcakes look divine! (well, the crumbs do 😉 ) I admire your persistence with the quilt. Hoping I can break out my sewing machine that Brandon bought 6 months ago and actually give it a go before he follows through on his threats to return it sans receipt!

    PS: Dan, glad you had a working toilet 😉

  4. Yes! You can sit in the special chair. I think it will be closed for awhile! Tell Addie: The cupcakes we eaten so quickly I couldn’t get a pic before everyone got to them. We had a friend visiting and we wanted him to try them so we got them for dessert while he was in town. They are HUGE cupcakes so we only got 4 for 6 of us. And tell her when she comes to visit I will take her there! And you too!

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