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I haven’t been nearly as diligent with the girls as I was with Mase about doing preschool activities at home. It happens here and here but nothing really consistent. Still, somehow they know their letters and numbers. Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Little Einstines probably could take more credit than me but whatever.

One thing I did find on Pinterest that was super easy and the girls love is counting beads into an egg empty carton. We go through a ton of eggs so I always have an empty carton on on hand. I buy a dozen and half. But whatever you have on hand will be fine. Number each egg compartment 1-18 (or 1-12 if you have a dozen) with the number at the bottom of the hole. Have your child put the correct number of beads, beans, etc. in the compartment. It’s an easy activity that will keep them busy for maybe 10 min or so! Hey us moms will take what we can get, right?

Have fun counting!

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  1. oh that’s cute! addison would also love it. we don’t go through eggs like that! my!! i usually throw out some eggs from any given dozen. in fact, i need to check the ones i have. maybe addie will be counting beads tomorrow!

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