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Here’s what is already cooking in my crockpot for dinner tonight-mexican pulled pork tacos.  It’s a first time try for this recipe but I’m thinking we’ve got a winner. I’m loving finding new recipes through Pinterest. It’s such a an easy way to keep track of new recipes. No more writing things down. Just pin it!

What have you made from Pinterest lately?

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  1. Jenny Laughlin says

    I have made pulled pork tacos before, so easy and yummy! I was so curious and had to try the recipe on pinterest for pumpkin cake muffins, so I did. So easy, just a yellow cake mix and can of pumpkin that’s it! The batter was thick, and it made about 16 muffins, instead of the 24 cupcakes it makes, but they were so yummy, and semi-healthy.

  2. That looks so yummy!! I have been gathering my crock-pot recipes, this week!! I know its gonna cool down here ( I’m in Texas) as some point. Can’t wait to try it.

  3. oh yes! great place and l like that you can see really good pics. It makes it easier for me. Let me know if you try something good!

  4. Love using my crockpot. I’m always up for new recipes so pass one along if you really like it. Thank for the comment and enjoy that Texax “winter” :)

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