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And we are 4!

Beautiful Birthday Girls!

Woo hoo! We have two 4 yr. olds in the house as of Friday! They are BIG girls now and they do not let me forget for one second. All of a sudden there are things they can and can’t do now because they are 4. Or things they can’t wear because they are 4. It really was a sudden change for all of us:)

We had a great day celebrating them. Starting off with birthday cake pancakes, decorated door to their room, special birthday girl chairs to sit in and opening big brother’s present. They were beyond excited to open the Disney princess cash register that was picked for them. Excitement and sugar levels were high from the start and pretty much continued all day long but that is what birthdays are for, right? The girls finally decided on a rainbow birthday party pretty much last minute but I was ok with it because I had not gotten anything for the other 5 themes they suggested and rainbow was by far my favorite. It was a fun and easy party to decorate for. Good old Pinterest had a ton of ideas. Oh Pinterest you won me over again! Unfortunately, I forgot to get a pic of the food table. I choose one or two foods of each rainbow color and displayed it in rainbow fashion. Looked cute. Here are some other pics.


Cake and candy table…


When the kids arrived we had rainbows to make using Dot to Dot markers and bead necklaces or bracelets to make. More than anything I think the rainbow Goldfish and gummies to snack on were what they all liked most.


Yummy cake requested by Theia loaded with gumballs and other rainbow candy.


And because Kaia wanted cupcakes we did rainbow cupcakes with gumballs.

We had a great time celebrating with our friends. We are so thankful to have friends here already that love our girls so much!

So happy birthday to our BIG girls!! Coming up next will be individual posts about each of the girls as I always do on their birthdays. I love to look back each year and see how they’ve changed.

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