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Time outs for all

Last night I caught some cute pics of the girls putting their babies in time out. I’m not sure what the babies did but Miss K took her baby to the designated time out spot and was very stern with her baby saying “No. No. No. You sit.” Yes, this does sound very familiar. I’ve heard myself saying it a lot lately for various reasons, multiple times a day. I’ve even had to make a second spot because often both of them have done something to each other and I can’t figure out what exactly happened therefore both little girls take a break. Thankfully I haven’t had to make a third time out spot. Let’s hope we don’t get there. There is a new feisty streak in girls that leads to pinching, hitting, pulling of the hair and biting. Not pretty. Most times it’s all resolved in a matter of minutes, fixed with an “I sorry , I give you” (translation= I’m sorry and I forgiving you) and a hug. But sometimes there is a stubborn side that comes out when an apology is no where in sight and not heard for awhile. Well in toddler time it’s a while. Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn. And who does this remind me of? Oh, how much would I love to say their Daddy? But no, it’s me. For as long as I can remember my pride comes roaring out when an apology is needed and saying two simple words…I’m sorry is so hard. To my credit I am getting better since I’ve had lots of opportunities in marriage:) But it’s still so hard. And I could use a time out myself from time to time.

Hopefully we are instilling the practice of humbling ourselves to admit our wrongs and the practice of giving grace at a young age that will last a lifetime. They are already passing it along to their babies so I think they are catching on:)

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