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Thankful Thursday…a day late.

I’m on my way to LA for the weekend to celebrate a marriage between two of our friends. I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. Obviously I’m excited for our friends to spend the rest of their lives together. It has been awesome to watch God change and grow them both over the years. It has been a privilege for us to be a part of the process. Selfishly, I’ve been looking forward to this date since the day we moved from California for it was the date I knew I would get to see friends again. Get a taste of our old life. A life that I still miss greatly even though I’m so excited and hopeful for what is next. So I’m thankful for a lot right now. Thankful for the opportunity to go to this wedding, thankful for friends that are fun and encouraging to be with, thankful for time away with Brian and parents who willingly watch our kids. I’m thankful of our job that we get to be a part of peoples lives in such a unique ways. Where divine appointments lead to deep friendships.

So here’s to a weekend of reunions, lots of a laughter, creating new memories and two people having the day of their life!

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