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summer shopping on a budget.

On Line 194 & Universal Yarn Inc Tango
At the start of summer I realized as I was getting my summer clothes out that I am wearing the exact same clothes as I did the last summer and the summer before and somethings….the summer before! As you can imagine I was ready to make a change. But our budget was not really saying the same thing.

What’s a girl to do?

How about some garage sale-ing and make your own?

Well finding some summer tops at a garage sale was easier than I thought. I went to 2 different houses at our neighborhood garage sale and found a total of 5 tops (some brand new, all name brand!) for $2. Score!

Still I was feeling need for some new dresses. I was introduced to craftgawker and fell in love with it! It’s similar to pinterest but this site is specifically crafts. Ideas galore! The first night I was browsing I found the cutest and simplest dress to make out of some fabric and a tank top cut in half. I decided I could pull this off. Then I remembered the amazing fabric I got in NYC at the Mood fabric store when we visited 2 years ago! I’ve been waiting for the perfect project to use this fabric and this was it! I followed a simple tutorial from the blog Talk2Trees and ended up with 2 cute dresses that actually fit and that I have worn several times already. Honestly, you don’t need much skill on the sewing machine, as mine is very little. Just need some guts to go for it. Who knows you may end up with a really cute dress!


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