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Spring Break Baby!

This week we are on spring break. This is a week off for Brian where he doesn’t have to go to campus and we have been enjoying it to its fullest. Lots and lots of family time here at home and around our town. Going somewhere out of town just really isn’t easy or fun right now with our family so we are more than content spending our vacation right here at home. We have enjoyed getting ice cream, renting a fun movie, taking bike and scooter rides and having picnics in our yard. We also have been working on our yard a lot and believe it or not as a family. The girls have been getting their hands dirty just as much as us. The little mister is in heaven being outside with mommy and daddy ALL day! He hasn’t been taking naps because he’s been having so much fun. But come 7pm he crashes hard. Bri and I really enjoy taking on projects outside together. It’s one of our favorite things to do. I love working hard, tackling a big project and then having instant gratification from all the work we’ve done together. Good feeling. One day we decided to go after the side of the house where we have a dilapidated gardening bench, a bunch of weeds and our trash cans. It’s is now a little garden with stepping stones filled with rosemary, sage, beans and green peppers. The next day we went out to the front and Brian tore out 3 HUGE bushes that were a pain to maintain and basically a haven for snails. No positives in our opinion so out they went. Plus, we have about 15 more of the same bushes in the backyard. Not sure what the previous renters were thinking. It was such a sense of accomplishment when we pulled these ugly things out. Wish you could have seen our high fives and dances of celebration. The neighbors got a great show! We replaced the bushes with some flowers and a couple of rocks. Our landlord brought over a pick-up load full of mulch and now it is really looking pretty nice. We are proud of ourselves for sure. Before we went to bed last night we went out to look at our work and then again this morning! It doesn’t take much to make us completely happy! More than how happy we are with the results it was the experience of working together as a family. We have created great memories to look back on.

Here are some pics of the making of our garden. Enjoy!

This is the before but also picture lots of weeds and junky old gardening bench.

My little worker honey bee. Check out of the stones we laid.

The finished product of our new little garden!

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