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RAOK it up!



(Look at these cuties being super sneaky)

Yesterday I introduced the kids to a new term – RAOK. Do you know it?

RAOK= Random Acts Of Kindness 

It’s all about doing something out of the kindness of your heart to someone you may or may not know. It could be as simple as a smile or a hug, buying the person’s coffee behind you in line, making cookies for someone and leaving them on a doorstep etc. The best part is leaving an anonymous RAOK note. So fun to think of how you are brightening that person’s day.

On the way to school I challenged the kids to do a RAOK at school and then told them we would do one together after school. I was so proud to hear that they each met the challenge! After school we went to Starbucks and bought a $5 gift card and then left it on a random persons windshield in the parking lot. We later prayed for that person that they would be blessed by our gift of kindness and pay it forward to someone else.

Have you ever handed out a RAOK? Have you ever received a RAOK? Tell me about it! I’d love some more ideas!

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  1. Robin says

    Remember when we did RAK in college (Lynds, Rach, Jenny, Kristin- basically our bible study). My favorite was when we would take pizza and hand it out at the library during finals week. Thanks for reminding me. I should do something today 😉

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