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meet jingle jangle.

we have a new friend this christmas season. she may have another name at your house. she may not even be a she. to us she is a girl and the kids have named her jingle jangle. jingle for short. she is a little elf that “watches” the kids all day long from a high place in the house where curious little fingers can not reach her. for if she is touched her magic disappears. at night she travels to the north pole and reports to santa how the day went for the barela kids. then she comes back to our house the next morning, but in a different spot. so each day we start our day looking for this little elf. while i’m making breakfast i hear squeals of delight when she is found. hearing these sounds make me so excited for christmas morning! jingle jangle has brought much joy to our house for the kids and the adults as we have enjoyed hiding her. sometimes in not the safe places, like a light fixture when jingle caught on fire! she now has one leg shorter than the other. luckily kids were still sleeping and did see this comical episode! who knows this could be a new tradition that we do for years to come. When the kids are in college and come home for christmas. they will roll their eyes at me and say “mommmm” when i tell them jingle is waiting to be found. but secretly they will love it and a flood of “jingle” memories will come back to them.

what fun things are you doing this christmas season?

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  1. i didn’t know you had an elf on the shelf too! we need to share some stories 😉 i just moved ours. the face kind of freaks me out, you know how i am with scary dolls… but i’m getting used to it. the kids love finding it. i’ve made matt get out of bed 3 times to hide it! haha but it’s all me this week :) ours is named “cupcakes bobo pumpkins” but mostly just called “cupcakes”. i love the belief that garrett still has and the thoughts he comes up with about how he travels and when he sleeps. it’s great. i had the same thought as you. i will hide this silly elf even when they are too old.. and they will love it 😉

  2. cupcakes bobo pumpkins?!? how did his come about? i was thinking the same of mase. sometimes he acts way beyond his age but then i see him get so excited over an elf and i am thankful to see he can act his age:)

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