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Live it out.

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I was driving home from the airport. I was ready to exit the freeway and I saw her standing on the corner. She was young and pretty but had a look of defeat in eyes. Her sign said she was she had “lost everything, anything would help. Thank you and God bless”. But there were two other words that caught my eye and then I couldn’t look away.

Single mother.

Instantly, I felt connected to her in some small way. My heart broke for her. I don’t know how she got to this place in her life where she is standing on the street corner. Maybe it was bad choices, maybe it was just how life played out for her. But I didn’t really think about that. I imagined myself in her shoes, how humbling to be standing on a street corner asking others to provide for you and your family. I know as a mom you will do anything for your kids. I saw her doing that.

I didn’t have anything with me. No money. No food. I had to drive away with only giving her a smile. As I drove off, I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw her drop her head and her sign in defeat.  And I knew I wanted to help. I came home and gathered some food, some other necessities and some kids books. I invited Mason to come along with me. We prayed for her the whole time as we traveled back. Thankfully she was still there when we returned. I smiled and asked her name. She told me Tisha and her son’s name is Jacob. She said he loves to read and will be so excited for the books. I told her I would be praying for her. The light turned green but I just wanted to keep talking. She walked away with a big smile on her face. There wasn’t a look of defeat anymore but a glimmer of hope. I smile and waved and we drove off. It was just a 60 second interaction but it gripped me. We prayed again for them, this time by name. With tears dripping down my face I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to share His love with Tisha and Jacob. And I thanked Him for helping me look beyond myself and my agenda to serve someone outside of my little world. Because many times I am so wrapped up in “me” I don’t see others as He does.

This is not to put a spotlight on myself but more of a reminder that we all can have things happen outside of our control and we end up in a hard place. At one time or another we may find ourselves in a situation where we need others to get to a better place. Maybe not standing on a street corner but help in another way. Maybe it’s our friends that need a meal, an errand ran, a ride somewhere or a break from their kids. Let’s keep our eyes open to who we can help. We aren’t called to do this life alone but we are called to live life together. Good or bad. Friend or stranger.

We are called to live His love out.


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I'm a wife to 1 amazing husband. A mom to 1 little dude and 2 girlie girls. A follower of the ONE who saved me. A daughter to 2 wonderful people. A sister to 1. A friend to many. A runner because that's what I do to keep from not going crazy. And the CEO of this little part of the world we call home.


  1. you live it, friend. you live it out strong and bold. the spotlight is most definitely on His unfailing grace and power residing in you! blessed by your faith.

  2. oh, what great sharing, aubrey! i needed this reminder. . . to look outside myself, outside my preconceived ideas about others, to let go of my cynicism.
    so many hurting people. and we are only called to reach out one at a time.
    so thankful you followed your heart and the urging of the Spirit.
    what a blessing.
    have a great day!

  3. Theresa says

    Wow, how touching. It brought tears to my eyes reading. Good for you for listening to the spirit. How many times do we just push a thought like that to the back of our minds thinking the next person who comes along will help. I am sure she will never forget your 60 second meeting. And what an example for Mason.

  4. you were Jesus to her! love your heart of obedience! thanks for your encouragement to do the same!

  5. Servanthood, obedience and love are words that come to mind. You have demonstrated all of these. (Phil 2:3) Great example to many!!!

  6. Love that you put your hands to accomplish what your heart felt. Living it out is how we really feel alive…and pass a heart of compassion on to our kids. Great story.

  7. Hi Girl,
    I appreciate your heart so much. May God pour blessings over you as you look outward, to see how He wants you to live His love out! ~ Blessings, Amy

  8. So tue and beautifully worded, Aubrey. And isn’t it amazing that God gives us the priviledge of passing out hope to others even when we ourselves can be so broken?

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