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kitchen envy.

self admitted i am slightly obsessed with finding furniture, new decorating projects and creative storage options for when we move. i am a focused woman. found this pic on one of my fave blogs. the inspired room. i love the bright and clean feel of this kitchen. and what i really love are the open shelves. we are need extra storage space and i love the look of dishes sitting out in the open. so i am thinking of doing this. what do you think? is this practical?

House Beautiful

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  1. i like it. i love dishes on open shelves as well, not sure about dust???

    a cool simple idea i just picked up is to purchase shoe closet shelves that are suppose to be used on the bottom of closets, turn them upside down, bracket them to a wall…….walah! not one, two shelves!

    $15 for a 31in at Target: white, oak, or espresso.

  2. Kelley otto says

    We’ve got some dishes out above our stove cabinets-dust isn’t a problem if you use them alot, but I think height makes a difference. If they’re not easy to reach, they’re gonna be decorations you’ll have to clean real quick before that once in awhile use. Love the simple look though!

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