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I’ve been thinking in numbers…

  • 10 bags/suitcases we unpacked in the last few days
  • 3 piles of stuff still needing to be put away
  • 2 big boxes we shipped home of stuff we couldn’t fit in our suitcases
  • 3 toddlers we have in the house- no more babies
  • 5th year we are starting at Chico State
  • 4 yrs old the little mister will be on Aug. 24
  • 10 days Bri and I had in Colorado alone that I am already missing
  • 7 days (more or less) a new niece or nephew will be born into our family
  • 19 days till 4000 new freshman walk onto the Chico State campus looking for a place to belong
  • 0 paper towels in our house now- we are a paper towel free home as of yesterday
  • 28 days till we start a preschool co-op for the little mister
  • 68 days till the girls turn 2
  • 15 miles I will be attempting to run on Sunday
  • 72 days till my marathon
  • 6 snacks a day we go through for the kids
  • 3 little mouths talking to us almost constantly at the same time
  • 1 time a day set aside to spend with Jesus (at least this is my hope each day)
  • 3 books I have started that I want to finish
  • 10 people on our staff team this year
  • 80 freshman we are praying to get involved with CRU this year
  • 6 hours in the last 2 days spent in tackling the jungle our yard turned into while we were gone
  • 1 1/2 hours I hopefully have left before the little ones awake…

Better go!

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I'm a wife to 1 amazing husband. A mom to 1 little dude and 2 girlie girls. A follower of the ONE who saved me. A daughter to 2 wonderful people. A sister to 1. A friend to many. A runner because that's what I do to keep from not going crazy. And the CEO of this little part of the world we call home.

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  1. You are the cleverest writer, I think you missed your calling.
    You forgot one though…5 days ago I left my mom and I miss her so!!!!!
    Love you

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