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Homemade fun

Last night the Little Mister and I had a fun time in the kitchen as we often do after the girls are in bed. We love to bake together, and let me tell you he is getting pretty good at mixing and measuring. We decided to go a different direction last night and make some homemade chocolate playdough and crayons. I’ve been wanting to try both of these for awhile and the fact that we have yet to send a birthday gift that is almost 2 months late now ( I know!) gave me even more desire to try these creations out. Here is what we did.

First we started with the chocolate play dough using this recipe I found from A Foothill Home Companion. It was super easy and smelled great (better than it looked). It’s edible, I guess. Like it won’t hurt you if you eat it, but it doesn’t taste like yummy chocolate or anything. I thought this would be a good place for the girls to start in playing with play dough. It was really easy to make, all of about 10 minutes :) All of the sudden play dough is “cool” again to play with because it is chocolate so the Little Mister was happy.

Next, we moved on to the homemade crayons. We have a lot of broken crayons in our crayon container that aren’t really being used.  I peeled all the wrappers off, broke them up and put them in mini muffin tins. I filled them up as full as I could because I knew they would melt down. I wanted to make swirly crayons so I did all different colors  in each but  you can do it any way you want and with whatever shape or size mold that fits your fancy. Set the oven to the lowest temperature it can go, mine is 200 and bake for about 10 min. Just keep an eye on them, because you don’t want to over bake them. Let them cool and then color away. Again, I thought these would be great first crayons for the girls to start with. Easy for their little fingers to hold.***Side note- the cheapy waxy crayons don’t work well. Go for the real thing…Crayola.

We had a lot of fun creating our own art supplies and I’m excited because we have a fun, inexpensive gift to give! Everyone wins!

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  1. Aubrey Barela the new Christian Martha Stewart, soo good:) II seriously had no idea that you could do that with crayons, I’ll order my wife will learn that someday..;) Dang Im in the blogger world right now.

    ps. I want meatloaf..;)

    -Little Intern

  2. adrienne says

    Really wish I had read this sooner. We just made some cupcake crayons with the cheepo brand. I should have spent the extra two bucks!

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