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Have you “flipped” yourself?

I recently finished the Beth Moore study on Esther. Great study, would recommend it to all women. Throughout the study Beth Moore helped us celebrate our unique qualities as women. To be honest something I don’t often think about.  I enjoyed camping out in this short book for 8 weeks learning more than I ever thought I could know about Esther and the crazy King Xerxes. There are so many things that stood out to me week to week but one really stuck with me. I’ve mentioned before how fear can easily get a hold on my thoughts and affect my attitude, decisions and view on life in general. It was comforting to hear that many women deal with this same thing. Yeah! I thought it was just me! Fear often holds me back from opening up to God and others. In Hosea 7:8 I learned the word ephraim which is a flat cake not turned over. Basically a pancake only cooked on one side. Beth Moore used this metaphor to show how God wants access to both sides of our lives: the side we present to the outside world and maybe even God, you know the one where we act like we have it all together, never lose our patience, never a jealous thought, always have wonderful, healthy meals planned, fun, enriching activities for the kids, loving words for everyone around us etc. Then there is the other side where we are a complete mess, full of doubt, fear, frustration. Yes, He wants access to that side too because SHOCKER, He already knows about it anyways! But I try so hard to cover it up. I believe that not only does He want access to both side but he wants us to give access to others. How can we grow if we don’t have others to help us in the process. I’m learning that I have to believe that God won’t walk way when He sees my “other” side before I can believe that others won’t walk away. I’m also learning that really there is only ONE opinion that counts anyways, as hard as it to live by truth. I want my life to be marked by Him, I want it to be changed.

My life will not be turned around until I “flip” myself.

Have you “flipped” yourself?

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