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Game 1 for the Rock Cats

Mason had his first game tonight of tball. Quite entertaining. He had some hits, some decent throw in the right direction and stopped the ball several times. He also had moments when the ball went right past him and he stood there oblivious, the time he stood on second base talking to the girl from the other team when he was supposed to be running to third base and then the time when he decided to skip second base all together and go straight to third. I guess this is what tball is all about when you are 4 years old. We enjoyed so much watching Mason tonight. I was the mom cheering for him (and everyone else) quite loudly and Brian was the dad take pictures and video. Yay! So proud of our ball player!

Tomorrow Brian and I are off for some rest and relaxation for the next week and a half. We are looking forward to lots of quality time together. The kids will be with Grandma and Pa having lots of fun. We are excited about some time away but I know we will both be itching to come home to our 3 little people!

Signing off until we return…

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  1. David Millot says

    Hah, this is awesome! Where’s the video? I gotta see this!!!

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