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flowers forever.

Fabric flowers I made last night. So easy!


I did a quick easy project last night while me and Mr. Barela were watching the Bachelorette. Yes, we watch the Bachelorette and Brian is in to it just as much as me if not more! We have a great time analyzing each character. Brian is usually spot on! So while we were watching this drama, good for nothing show I made fabric flowers I found on Pinterest. I followed this tutorial and by the end of the show I had 8 unique flowers that will last forever. I bought the dowel rods at the craft store for super cheap and had my neighbor who owns every tool cut them for me. I then solicited the free help of the cutest 3 year olds to paint the sticks. I used fabric scraps of all sorts to make the flowers. This is a great for using up all those fabric scraps you have stuffed everywhere. (maybe that’s just me!) The tutorial does a great job explaining how to make the flowers. Really you are just scrunching the fabric up and gluing. For some of the flowers I added a button, contrasting fabric or bead to the center of the flower. Here is a close up of the flowers.
Wouldn’t this be a great, simple gift to give someone with a cute card? Just a thought. For now they are filling empty jars and vases I have around the house. But don’t be surprised if you get one of these beauties from me someday!


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  1. cute flowers! and about the Bachelorette…Bentley-what a jerk! and the whole “roast” idea was horrible.

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