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Feeling fruity

The last couple weeks I’ve been talking with The Little Mister about the fruits of the Spirit. Both him and I could grow in several of these. I would like to eventually go through all 9 but we’ve been camping out on the first one, LOVE, with it being Valentine’s Day and all. We talk about the verse often through out the day and different ways we can show “love” to our friends, sisters etc. This week we did a craft day at a friends house. Driving over we talked about different ways we could show love to our friends who would be there. Ex. “I like your shirt”  “You are a nice friend” ” I like your toys” Nice little conversation. Once we got there I kinda forgot about it. Out time was good, we decorated cookies for Valentine’s Day. Near the end the Little Mister had a complete meltdown over a play hammer and tape measure. Not a pretty sight. On the way home we were talking about the choices he made and how not sharing with his friend was not a loving thing to do. He was quiet the whole time and then he said “But mom I told “Kate” I liked her cookie”.  I just thought this was cute because even though he threw this big fit, and yelled and screamed he wanted to point out to me that he had remembered showing love to his friend by saying a simple “I like your cookie”.

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