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Family Rules

Last Fall Brian and I attended a parenting class hosted at a local church. The series we went through was the Family Discipleship Ministry by Craig Castor. We both really like it and would recommend checking it out at www.parentingministry.org/. One of the many suggestions we took from our parenting class was establishing family rules with a clearly defined discipline if when needed. This is helpful for Dad and Mom to be on the same page, for consistency and for proper expectations for the kids. So it has only been 5 months but we have finally gotten our act together over here and wrote something down. There are only 4, they are simple and broad so pretty much anything will fall under one of the 4 rules.

1. Be respectful at all times.

2. Listen and obey.

3. Be kind and encouraging to others.

4. Clean up your own messes.

The picture above is a clever way of displaying rules. I’ve thought about doing something similar in our new home. We’ll see.

So do you have rules at your house? How does it all work? I’m curious.

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  1. Catherine says

    i love this! i will have to get thinking on our family rules. thanks for sharing!

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