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day 1 success.

First day of school!

Mason’s first day of school was a success. I mean I think we can call it that. It’s been 2 days and we are still getting bits and pieces of what happened. But everything we heard sounded great. He did good! Everyone has asked how I did. Well I was good until I saw the bus round the corner…Mason gave us all quick hugs and kisses and then bounded up the steps, with a quick turn and huge smile “Bye Mom!” he was off. And then the tears started flowing. In front of the neighbors, who I hardly know, with girls asking a million times, “why is mommy sad?” But I was feeling it. A chapter has closed and new, exciting one has started. Brian let me have a good cry as he held me tight and encouraged me with lots of kinds words. And then he took his girls to Starbucks. This always helps:)

So now we are on to day 2 tomorrow and Mason couldn’t be more excited.

And so am I.

Saying Goodbye

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  1. julie says

    ahhhhhhh, love that final hug. Tears. You’re such a superb Mom!

  2. Misha says

    So sweet! I feel you. Colin loved school and I cried any time someone asked how I was doing. Colin would love another skype date by the way. Hope all is going well. We are good. I only have 10 weeks before another Lynch is added to the family.

  3. oh my goodness how can you only be 10 weeks away! yes, we must skype! i’ll fb you.

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