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A tiny package.

2007 - Day 191 - Brown paper packages tied up with string

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There is a tiny, little package. All neat, tied up with a bow. Everything is contained nicely. No one really knows what’s in the inside. From the outside it all looks good. And then something comes along and the package comes undone. The contents spill out. It’s not neat like the outside but a mess. A little of this and that. A lot of this and then there is some of that. But the One who opens this package is not surprised. He knew. For He created the package. He knew when the package would come completely undone. And He sees the mess as beautiful. He gently picks up the package piece by piece and holds it dearly. He holds the fear. The unknown. The anxiety. The insecurity. The tiredness. He holds them  all close.

He is not surprised at all. This is not unexpected. He can handle it.

The package may be undone. It is still a mess. But it is His mess and he sees it as beautiful.

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  1. Oh, yes, our package is quite messy! Thank goodness God can handle it. That He won’t throw away the contents or discard the outside. So glad to have stopped by from Write-it Girl.

  2. “brown paper packages tied up with string…these are few of my favorite things.”

    And your words, that so speak to my messy, unwrapped, brown paper package heart. Definitely one of my favorite things.

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