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a little valentines inspiration for you.

So you know all those craft projects you have laying around that your kids do? The ones they are so proud of but you can only have so many of them hanging up and you just can’t bring yourself to throw them away (at least not right away). Well I have an idea for you that can transpire into some Valentines Day decor for your home. And make your kiddos proud that you used their artwork.
Last week the girls did some paintings. You know like five paintings each within 10 minutes. Well after they dried and sat on our kitchen counter for a couple of days I cut all different size shapes of hearts out of the paintings. Then I taped the hearts on some twigs I collected from our backyard. Do these look familiar? These are the same twigs I collected back in September for Fall decor, painted them silver for Christmas and we are still using them! Long live the twigs! Don’t be surprised if you see shamrocks taped on them in March. Anywho… tape those little puppies on your twigs, stick them in a jar, glass bottle or whatever you fancy and call it done! You have decorated for Valentines Day, your kids are happy because they have provided the original materials and you don’t have a stack of craft projects on your counter. Win. Win. Win.

I’m out.

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  1. Jenny Laughlin says

    I love that you found a super cute way to display their artwork! Long live the twigs, ha! Thanks for the idea. I also really appreciated your post last week about what are you fighting for, that and my pastor talking about “take up” the full armor of God has reminded me of how real and present spiritual battles are.

  2. we are on the same thought wave!!!! i was just thinking about what i was going to do with my long living tumble weed. it had beads in the summer.. halloween in the fall.. thankful tree at thanksgiving.. just part of the earthy christmas with the pinecones.. painted it white and sprinkled with salt right now…. so what’s for valentines day. i was thinking of having the kids make hearts. LOVE how our minds work :)

  3. well we have had some time to get our minds in synch…25 years or so. Oh my gosh! Really!?

  4. Thanks Jenny for your encouraging words, and thanks for the reminder to take up my armor each day. Or else we get pounded, right:)

  5. Over the past year I’ve been swcnihitg all my sites to word press. In fact, I’m swcnihitg an individual client’s site from Joomla at the moment and will continue on the WordPress train. Woo Woo!

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