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5 on Friday

1. Tonight we are having our staff team over for dinner in celebration of the craziness of the Fall being over. The first 4 weeks of school is super busy, draining and exciting. We are celebrating all that God has done, the many answers to prayers that we specifically prayed for and for what is to come! Here are my boys preparing the meat, one of their favorite things to do together.

2. The girls are becoming more and more interested in the potty. Actually they are more excited about it than I want them to be at this point but we’ll see where this goes. Here’s little Kaia having some “alone” time this morning.

3. We are so thankful that this Monday the weather finally broke. We’ve had highs of mid 80’s and cool nights. This is still warm but so much better than the triple digits and we are happy! Fall is my favorite season, not only do I love the weather but the colors of the season, Thanksgiving, I get to bring out my favorite comfy clothes and JEANS! I love to wear jeans:)

4. Saturday was harvest at the Barela house. We have a grapevine that is 3 years old that is Brian’s baby. He has done a wonderful job taking care of it and pruning just so. This year all of his hard work payed off and we picked about 20 pounds of grapes! Awesome! Now what does one do with 20 pounds of grapes? Yep, that is what I’m trying to figure out.

5. Tomorrow night we are starting a parenting session for the next 8 weeks at local church. Craig Castor series that we are using. I’m excited to learn more but a little nervous how this will all play out.

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