5 on friday
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5 on friday.

How can it be Friday already? Well, I’m not really sure but I AM thankful it is here! It has been a week my friends. It has been a week!

On with the post…



I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about these delicious morsels before but they are just so good they deserve the love a second posting. I made these last night for a special treat. Just needed to reward myself for making it till Thursday night. Sweet and salty perfection with a little crunch to the bite. Oh my goodness. Yes!

2.The decision has been made to make another attempt to have garage sale. Lord help us. I tried to have one last year and it was an sorry attempt, at it’s best. This year, I’ve got my game face one and we are going to get rid of stuff and hopefully make a little money. So the clearing out of stuff has begun. I went through all our clothes. Mase had some jammies that were not even garage sale-able so I through them in the trash. Before I knew it little hands had pulled them out of the trash and re-claimed them. Now the girls wear Batman and Clone Wars over their Fancy Nancy nightgowns. And I love it.

3. photo.JPG

Last week our coffee grinder died on us. Oh it was sad. We got a little crazy because we love our coffee and we are a little snobby when it comes to making good coffee. And you know, when you want some coffee. YOU WANT SOME COFFEE. Brian made an emergency run to Starbucks. Long story short. We got a new grinder which led to me rearranging our counter space and making a cute, little coffee corner for us. It makes the whole coffee experience even better. I know Brian is secretly feeling same way he just has not voiced it yet.

4. The little dude is a bit anxious to get out of school. He is done. And he reminds me every day. Yesterday we counted up the days left and made a countdown on our chalkboard. Hoping this helps us both make it through the next 6 weeks or so.




I want to make this shirt (maybe a couple) asap. Love the look!

That is all for this week my friends. Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Your daughters jammies are adorable. My daughter is the same way. Darth Vader with a princess crown or a flower fairy with an army helmet and nerf gun. I love it.

  2. I like the coffee corner. Little special touches like that are fun!

    The jammies are great! My 9 year old son is totally into Star Wars and he has his older sister checking books out of the library too. I love Fancy Nancy though. I’ve always been disappointed that she didn’t make her debut when my daughter was younger!

    I’m ready for a countdown to summer, too!

  3. When it comes to jammies at our house I never know what they are going to have on! And yes, the girls are Fancy Nancy fans too. And I think she is pretty cute as well. Those are books I can tolerate. I can’t say that about ALL the books they choose:)

  4. Oh fun! I love how their little personalities come out in the most unique ways!

  5. I’m catching up on your blog following my three-week internet-lite vacation and I’m giggling at your coffee corner — we just got a new grinder, too, and it’s the same style. It’s the first grinder we’ve had that needs to be out on the counter, so I’d been thinking of creating some kind of coffee corner. I’d also been contemplating a thrifted cake stand, so you’ve put it all together for me visually. Thanks for the inspiration, friend!

    (oh, and I love that simple top. perhaps I could pull off the sewing *and* the wearing of such a top, too … perhaps. :))

  6. Hello my friend! I just looked at your new site! I love it:) I’m glad you like the coffee corner. I made that cake stand out of a thrifted candle stick and and thrifted tray. Glued them together after I painted them. Super easy. You’ll have to tell me what you do and show off your finished coffee corner.

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