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1. I’m a list person. I constantly have things piling up in my head and I just need to make a list to get them out of my head and on to paper. Then there is better chance that it will get done. And I stay a little less crazy. But I’m trying a paperless route.I am trying out this new app I heard about called teuxdeux. It’s a list making app where you can add things to each day. There is also a place to list random things you want to get done “someday”. It’s free for your desktop and $2.99 to link up to your iphone (or whatever you have). So we’ll see how it goes. Here’s a look of what it looks like.

2. I’ve been saving our toilet paper rolls for a couple months now. Why? You may ask. Because I saw a cute wreath on Pinterest using them. Their version was Christmas. I decided on making a Spring one. Here is what I came up with. I used this tutorial. I added the inner ring because I found I needed some extra support. Also, you can’t tell in the pic but I spray painted it a robin’s egg blue. Lovely. Save those TP and paper towel rolls get your own TP wreath!



Sidewalk chalk in the sun.

3. On Wednesday it was sunny and warm. It was so wonderful. Oh, it gave me spring fever. I am so ready for Spring and Summer. Bring it on! I know I say this and it has snowed like 3 times this winter with not more than an inch. But I’m ready.

4. One of my oldest and dearest friends just had her 4th baby. Her 4th boy! We’ve known each other since 7th grade, went to college together and have shared many life experiences together. It’s been 12 years since we have lived in the same state and we’ve only seen each other a handful of times in those 12 years. But despite all of that we are still very much a part of each others lives via texting and phone calls. Why am I telling you this? Well I get to go see her and all her boys in a couple weeks! I am thrilled to be able to go and help and hang out with her and her amazing boys and get to meet this new little one. So very thankful for this opportunity to serve my sweet friend and her fam. I am Texas bound!

5. Last but not least I am a little tired today for one reason. I stayed up until midnight last night to try and get an early bird ticket for the Christian blogging conference Allume (formerly called Relevant). And I got one! I’ve spied this conference out for 2 years now. My very supportive husband gave me green light this year so I was all over it. Part of me doesn’t know if I really fit in with this group, my insecurities as a blogger coming out there for you. But most of me is waaaaay excited to be a part of something like this and to meet all these women I’ve “met” via social media in real life. Let the excitement build! Here’s the trailer. Check it out.

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