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5 on Friday

  1. photo.jpgYesterday Brian planned a date with Mason, Mommy and Daddy. Mason could not believe “the girls” were not coming! It was just him and Mommy and Daddy. He loved having us all to himself. And truth be told we loved spending quality, two on one time with him. Our afternoon date included a much needed haircut to fix my mullet of a mistake. Oops! A walk to the outdoor store to look at the snowshoes. Per request of the little mister. An early pizza dinner and some candy. We topped it off with seeing the movie “Where the Wild Things Are”. We had a great time and soaked up every minute, giving Mason lots of love and attention.
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  3. This week the girls packed their bags and baby strollers and gave us all goodbyes and big kisses. “Where are you going?” we asked. “Canada.” was the simple, matter of fact answer we got. Okay then. Quite the imaginations we have over here. It keeps me laughing.
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  5. In school we learned the letter “I” and talked about fire safety. We learned stop, drop and roll and practiced crawling through a smoky room. The kids loved it! We also took a trip to a local fire station. All 3 kids were very brave and sat up in the fire engine seat, “steering” the truck. Mason was full of questions and asked every single one of them. I love that he jumps right into wherever we are and is all about it. He seems to have such passion about everything! It can be quite contagious:)
  6. I am back to running again. I enjoyed the break I gave myself but when the itch returned to get on the road again I was right back out there. It’s nice to go out and just run. Not think about pace, time or distance. Just run. And it’s nice if I don’t want to get up and run I don’t have to. I think my quick recovery says a lot about how well my training experience went. Sure it was hard and tiring but it didn’t do me in completely. So much so that I missed it fairly quickly. I am thankful for this. Running is my outlet. I need it.
  7. Brian is leaving for the Big Apple this weekend for the Web 2.0 Expo. It’s a huge conference all about social media everything. He is super excited for the awesome opportunity. I gave him one instruction while he was NYC- get my birthday present. It’s just around the corner and yes I do want a birthday present from NYC! He will conclude his week of traveling in Orange County at our Regional Conference. He’ll be home just in time to start a week off for Thanksgiving break. Yeah! Already looking to this week of quality family time and doing not much anything.

Have a great weekend friends!

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