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5 on friday.

1. gotta eat green food on st. patricks day, right? green makes anything and everything fun. breakfast and lunch were full of green goodness. we ended up going out to dinner last night so the “green” pizza i had planned for last night is still be requested for tonight. keeping the love of the irish going! hope you did something fun and green yesterday!
st patricks day

2. speaking of green have i ever showed you the piece of furniture i inherited? it has been waiting for me in ohio for some time and now finally has place at the foot of our bed.
this green cedar chest used to be my great grandma’s, who then gave it to her daughter, my grandma. when my grandma passed away my dad took it, thinkingI might like it. smart guy who knows me all too well. it is my favorite color and has the old, vintagey look that i love. but more importantly it has been passed down by some amazingly special people in my life. i love it!

3. i found this cute little jewerly tree on clearance at target last week. perfect timing because i was getting overwhelmed with what to do with all my necklaces and stuff. i still needed something for my earrings so i put together this, with yet another old picture frame i had. i added some wire to the back and wha-la! an earring holder.

4. we went to the childrens museum on wednesday. i love having the museum so close. we can for just a couple hours or for the day. there is so much to. with a membership it has been nice to pick and chose what we want to do each time. the big hits this time were darth vader’s costume and the barbie exhibit.

5. and last but not least we are enjoying a visit from my mom right now. after living with my parents for 8 months, 1 month of not seeing them seemed like forever! it is so nice to have her here. i’m enjoying showing her all the projects i’ve been working on, showing her around our new town and most of all just having someone who i know around. not being around anyone who i know or who knows me has been wearing on me a bit. gotta love mom:) and better yet her and my dad are coming back next weekend!

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