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5 on friday.

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1. i found these letters at the craft store today for kids new rooms. they loved decorating them. i was kinda choosy in the colors i let them use but then i let them do their own thing. quite the little artists. these pics are as their letters are in the process of becoming masterpieces. the final products are lovely! i think they will look great hanging on their doors.

2. brian sent me this article this week on chores and how they are used in your family. this article explains how their family doesn’t call them chores but acts of service. it’s looking at “chores” as not as something that is a an obligation but a way we can serve each other. what does your family do for chores? do you have a chart? do you give an allowance? would love to know your thoughts. we don’t do much in this area but we would like to start something.

3. i found these sites helpful in things to do in the long winter days or any day really when you want to have fun with you kids. some great ideas, check them out!

12 Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy On A Snowy Day | The Mother Huddle

The Bullet List {Esther from Babyccino Kids}

4. the latest song i bought from itunes was Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Riddle. i’ve been listening to it in my quiet times in the mornings. so good. love the words. puts things into perspective as i start my day. did i tell you i have joined Hello Mornings with other women literally all over the world? pretty cool, huh?Inspired to Action gives you all the details here. if you want to be committed to getting up early to spend time with God, plan your day, exercise, better serve your family, have a moment for yourself and get a couple steps ahead of your kids (any or all of the above is good!) this is a great way to get started. knowing there are so many others doing the same thing at the same is so encouraging. there is even an accountability captain that will check in with you via twitter if you haven’t checked-in a couple days. think about it. would love to have you join with me.

5. we are having a small super bowl party with my parents and some friends on sunday. and of course the first thing i think of…what are we going to have to eat? i found a couple great recipes that i’m thinking about.

  • blue cheese steak bites on baguettes
  • mini twice baked potatoes
  • peanut butter cheese cake with a pretzel crust and carmel drizzled on top (yes please!)

what are you making for the big game?

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  1. hmmmmm… we are headed to a super bowl party ourselves… I have NO idea how to talk football.. and we are suppose to bring something to eat, and I know nobody…. oh sounds like so much fun just typing this… so … your ideas are helpful….. hmmmmmm

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