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5 on friday.

number 5
1. mason is quite the the star wars ship builder. he comes up with some amazing creations. each and every little part of the ship has a purpose. and the battles that these ship engage in are awesome! i am always amazed at how different the ships look while using the same pieces. maybe a future engineer?

2. the christmas decorations are up at my parents house and everything looks beautiful and festive. my mom does a wonderful job making her home look merry and bright! today i hung up a decoration i got her last christmas. this cute little “rejoice” banner is from my friend courtney’s etsy shop called joyful joyful. along with being a very talented and successful wedding and event coordinator courtney shares some of her creations in her shop at etsy. she has all kind of seasonal banners as well other cute items. i love this one because it is a visual reminder of what this season is truly about. let us REJOICE! check out joyfuljoyfuletsy to get your own banner and see what other goodies you can find!


3. I love the excitement about SNOW around here. To born and raised (until now)  California kids snow is very fun, interesting, confusing and exciting! If only they had this much excitement about their winter coats!

Here they are catching snowflakes on their tongues. I joined in too after I took the pic:)
Catching snowflakes

4. tonight we have a fun planned that includes watching the polar express in our pj’s, hot chocolate and popcorn. really there isn’t anything else i would rather be doing. it’s the simple things that make us happy:) abcfamily has their 25 days of christmas movies on. if you have a dvr (which we don’t, but hopefully soon!) this is a major score!

5. last but not least i celebrated my birthday this week! i’ve had a great week celebrating with my family and friends. i had a wonderful breakfast date with my husband and fun birthday dinner with my whole family and 2 high school friends! i got lots of birthday wishes and hugs from the my kids all day. many birthday wishes from friends all over. i felt so special and loved! 33 is off to a great start!

happy birthday @aubarela!

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