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5 on friday.

I’ve had fun crafting this week. Here’s what I’ve done and what is to come!

1. I saw these headbands on my friend Danee’s blog. I liked them so much I made them the next day. They were super easy and I really like the way they look. Great for those “no wash your hair days”! I made these both in 30 minutes.

2.I bought a couple crates last weekend as a mentioned here. I asked for some ideas and Danee (from above) introduced me to Retropolitan! Awesome blog. It’s basically a whole bunch of amazingness. Here I found a tutorial on making a bookshelf out of crates. I quickly fell in love with it and finding new crates were my obsession for the week. I succeeded and now the proud owner of 15+ old crates that will soon be a masterpiece of a bookshelf. I have some repairing to do of the crates to make them more sturdy but other than that I think the construction of the bookshelf should be minimal. I will keep you updated!

3. I made these lovely little birdie pictures for the girls new room using a tutorial from Ashley Ann’s blog. She has an awesome blog that gives me lots of great ideas. I just love the way the pictures turned out. It reminds me of the girls because like birds they are constantly “chirping” back and forth to one another. Here’s how to do it if you are interested. I made mine a little different to add more color to their room. http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2010/01/13/diy-paper-bird-painting/

4. Today I got these 2 frames from the Good Will for $7.95 to make the following 2 projects. I like this letter framing project I found on Retropolitan. I already have a couple “B’s” around the house so I think this will fit in nicely.

5. Here’s another fun project from using one of the above frames from Ashley Ann. Can you tell I like her blog?  I would like one for the kitchen to hold odds and end things but then eventually one for the each of the kids would be fun to put up their own treasures. Here’s the link to do it yourself.

So what have you been crafting up lately?

Creativity breeds more creativity…let’s share!

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  1. Kyra Goffeney says

    I’ve been crafting up ways to force my kids to take a nap :) No, seriously, this is so inspiring! And cute. way to go! I’m making my own laundry soap this week…I’ll keep you posted how that turns out.

  2. Aubrey says

    happy you are inspired! tell me what you come up with the laundry soap…very interesting my friend!

  3. awww! thanks! hope you find them. i think you will love it when it is all finished:)

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